R&B Longhorns

Roy and Beth Landers
Salem, IL



"Roy and I learned a lot since Bear came to Illinois and see the herd and go over some plans with us. We trust his knowledge and lean to him for guidance in the future . Bear spent 2 days with us at our ranch going over each and every animal. He gave us his honest opinion on each one even when it hurt a bit, meaning some we paid to much for and some we did good on. I would absolutely recommend east winds services. Thank You Bear."

A few years ago Roy decided he wanted Longhorns because the breed intrigued him . Roy told me that he thought it was a good investment; something we could go out in the pasture and admire. We spend a lot of time out in the pasture with our mules (we have riding mules that we travel all over with) so why not?

We enjoy going to the Legacy sale and meeting people with the same passion. Being involved with mules we have very much enjoyed getting involved in something new is exciting. The past 3 years we have went all over to acquiring Longhorns and we've even been traveling and passed a Longhorn Ranch and decided to stop. We visited for over an hour talking about each others herd and battle wounds. It's also exciting waiting for a calf to be born and watching to see what it turns out to be. We are very excited be involved in Longhorns it is interesting to see what a little idea has turned out to be in a short period of time.

R&B Longhorns' Bulls

R&B Longhorns' Cows

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