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One of the critical things about a program is their individualism. Each program comes from different backgrounds and created in different manners. They’re following different paths and are looking for different end results. Because of that there isn’t a set step by step guide to follow to find success. Each program is looked at from the bottom up trying to take into consideration all aspects and angles.

There are two basic options- Daily or Yearly.


Photographs are your best marketing tool. No matter how great your pedigrees and cattle are, no matter how competitive your pricing is, without a wonderful photograph you're dead in the water.
*For more information please contact Bear
*Pricing is a fixed daily rate


The yearling option is an in-depth look at the entire program. Some programs require more work than others depending upon their direction and current needs. These can include.:
• Long-term Program Strategy
• Cow & Bull selection
• AI vs Natural Breedings
• Herd Schedules
• Herd Culling
• Herd Organization Systems
• Profit Analysis
• Feed Audits
• Nutrition Programs
• Branding & Marketing
• Photography
• Consignment Selections
• Pricing Strategies
• Website Strategies
• Social Media Strategies
• Private Treaty Sales
• Ranch Visits
• Monthly Meetings
*For more information please contact Bear
*Pricing depends upon services needed.
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