Glendora Farms Longhorns

Darren & Denise Gibbs

"After having Bear stop by to show off his photography skills and help us make a few tough decisions on cows to consign to upcoming sales, we went a step further and joined up with him and Eastwind. Our goal is to streamline our small herd to produce more marketable animals with the resources we have. Bear Davidson is synonymous with the Texas Longhorn breed and we’re excited to have him at Glendora Farms Longhorns."

Glendora Farms Longhorns began about ten years ago with a trip to Ohio, building fences and slowly transforming bean fields into pastures. Soon after we met Butch Brantley of Lake Country Longhorns and built the core of our herd form his 20 years of breeding experience. If moving forward we can make a small lasting impact on this beautiful breed of animal we will have succeeded.

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