G&P Longhorn Ranch

Gary & Pamela Liddell
Fredericksburg, TX


"It boils down to this: I can spend the next 10-20 years mixing and matching bulls with cows and by the time I’m old and gray I MIGHT have an elite herd, or I can work with Eastwind Consulting and PROBABLY have an elite herd while I can still enjoy it." –Gary Liddell

My first experience with any cattle started in 1997 when I bought my property 9 miles north of Fredericksburg, TX. My neighbor had some longhorns and mixed breeds that ranged over his property and mine and we enjoyed watching and feeding them range cubes. In 2008 my neighbor sold his property and the new owner fenced the property line so I had no more cattle. At that time, my wife, Pamela, and I decided to buy our first longhorns. Our criteria in picking them at that time was “were they friendly” and “were they pretty”. No consideration as far as pedigree, horn shape/size, conformation, etc. We started with three and have steadily grown and improved our herd with more consideration to pedigree, conformation, horn shape/size, color, size and disposition. Two of the greatest challenges have been 1) Marketing/Selling and 2) learning how to bring in new genetics to increase the value of our cattle. Since the time line from inception to birth to “seeing what you got” is about 3-4 years, it takes a lot of time to improve the herd, and that is assuming you select the right bull genetics for the right cow. A weak match won’t show itself for several years. In order to streamline the process, we decided we needed to tap a source of knowledge that would help us get to the next level in our longhorn program. Bear Davidson with Eastwind Consulting is our choice to take us there. He has been around longhorns so long, it is in his DNA so he can help us in a wide range of areas such as improving our genetics, culling cattle, marketing our program, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of our operation, and developing a plan of action starting with an individual analysis of each animal in our herd. There is no doubt in my mind this will be time well spent and the knowledge we gain, immeasurable.

G&P Longhorns' Bulls