Timber Creek Ranch

Mark Kever
McKinney, TX


Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding Proverbs 4:7. Although this well knows verse is certainly referencing spiritual wisdom, I believe it pertains to all facets of life. Bear Davidson is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to anything related to Longhorns. He has met all my expectations in assisting with our herd and on top of that, he is just a quality individual.

My wife Geralyn and I live in McKinney Texas and our Ranch is near Gainesville, Texas about an hour away. We have owned the property for many years, but after our son introduced us to his boss Frank Hevrdejs, we had a real goal. A guided tour of Frank’s beautiful ranch and Longhorn operation quickly resulted in a small herd of our own being transferred up north. Since that time in 2002, it has been a joy to raise Longhorns and develop a new passion.

During the work week Mark is a Managing Director at UBS Financial Services and Matt is a V.P. At H.I.G. Capital.SaveSave

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