T Bar W Longhorns

John & Rebecca Wampler
Mineola, TX


"After a gift of two steers quickly became a commercial Longhorn breeding program numbering over 150 head Rebecca and I jumped at the opportunity to enroll the services of Eastwind Stockco Consulting, Bear Davidson whose solid commitment and dedication to the promotion of the Longhorn breed combined with lifelong agriculture experience has proven beneficial to the Longhorn division of T bar W Ranch. We highly recommend you contact Bear to discuss genetics, breeding and sales management of your Longhorn herd whatever the size."- John Wampler

A 2008 wedding anniversary gift of jewels for Miss Rebecca,

Diamond Jim and Ruby Red, two Longhorn steers, was the impetus of the T bar W Ranch Longhorn Breeding program. On acceptance Miss Rebecca’s deep love for and desire to perpetuate the linage of these majestic animals began. Situated in the East Texas Piney Woods, the T bar W Longhorn herd has grown benefiting from temperate seasonal climate, improved pastures of sandy loam soil, deep well water filled ponds, and irrigated pastures of coastal Tifton Bermuda grass. Pastures and alleyways are secured with slick wire leading to purpose built working pens all designed with the gentle quality of life for the herd at the forefront. Over the last seven years select cows and heifers have been acquired whose prodigy has been sired by T bar W owned proven horn producers, SDR Spartacus and RML Lone Star. Not only bred for horn, but more importantly gentle temperament. With results confirmed and proven by 5 figures sales at auction and private treaty, along with the acceptance of T bar W branded Steer Imperial Chex (85 1Ž2 tip to tip) into the Fort Worth Herd to participate in twice daily cattle drives and the Texas History education programs at the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, T bar W Ranch strives to further develop a successful tradition.  T bar W “sexed” embryo program will soon be introduced and is expected to create a major impact on Longhorn breeding selection. The program is set to reduce the generation interval for animals with a specific desirable trait. 

T Bar W Longhorns' Bulls