Lago Haven Ranch

Dale & Linda Smith
Allen, TX

"I chose Bear and Eastwind StockCO as a Consultant because it was obvious his knowledge about the Longhorns cattle is great. As a new small breeder I had a ton of questions about the breed, marketing, branding, vaccinating and handling of these great animals. After Bear visited my ranch I was more confidant then ever how to grade my herd, proper feeding of hay, branding, trimming, Sales, and to lay out pastures to easily move the cattle. He responds quickly to texts, emails and phone calls to continue to help me with questions when they come up. I would highly recommend Bear and Eastwind StockCo to anyone interested in the Longhorn breed."- Dale Smith

When our oldest daughter, Jordon, was about to leave for her first year of college, we wanted one last family outing. We thought it would be fun to purchase some yard art and Longhorn were the perfect choice. Jordon along with her sister, Jenson and brother, Mason each picked a beautiful cow and we really thought that was it. Little did we know that we would fall in love with our three new pets, Within the year we took another family outing and purchased a 9 month old bull out of Cowboy Casanova that we named Outlawed. From that moment on, our lives changed and Lago Haven Ranch Longhorns was born. Dale researched these incredible animals and reached out to several breeders in the industry to gain as much knowledge as he could. For the past 2 years we have participated in local and national shows including the Millennium Futurity, The Longhorn World Championship and Horn Showcase. Outlawed has won the LWC Futurity and TTT Horn Measurement for the past 2 years. It was at the Millennium Futurity our first year that we met Bear Davidson and Gary Don Taylor, who would become our partners in Outlawed. Bear and Gary Don’s experience and expertise have been invaluable to us as we have grown our herd. 

Lago Haven Ranch sits outside of Paris, Texas and is home to around 40-50 longhorn. We strive to breed for conformation, color and horn. It has been a great experience for our family to be involved with the Texas Longhorn industry.

Lago Haven Ranch's Bulls