Gilliland Ranch

Mark & Charlene Gilliland
Winfield, KS

"My favorite surgical axiom states that “good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment.” This principle applies to the Longhorn industry. Most poor decisions made by new Longhorn breeders could have been avoided by hiring professional advice from an experienced, (relatively) unbiased consultant. My business decisions are based on evaluating the risk: benefit ratio. This was a no-brainer."- Mark Gilliland

Charlene and I live in Winfield, Kansas--–the home of the Midwest Sale. Charlene is a native Texan who has worked in the real estate and financial industries. I detoured from four generations of Flint Hills ranching to get degrees in microbial genetics and medicine at the Universities of Kansas, Texas and California. After practicing surgery in Texas for 30 years, I returned to my Kansas roots to raise Texas longhorns. Successfully breeding longhorns today is primarily an art based on experience. I use the advice of successful breeders, consultants and my background in genetics and nutrition to make buying, selling and management decisions. I also apply an evidence based approach using statistical science to stack pedigrees from different bloodlines. We currently have a herd of 100 registered Texas Longhorns using the herd sires CV Cowboy Casanova (Cowboy Chex X Smoky Roan), Monaco Chex( JP Rio Grande X Lady Monika BL), Archer Texa (Jamakizm X Texana Van Horne) and Tsunami ( Concealed Weapon X Pacific Mermaid). We like the genetic potential of stacking these bloodlines. Most importantly, Charlene and I have met a lot of wonderful people in the industry. Our decision to leave the urban life in Houston in 2013 for a more rural lifestyle has been very positive for both of us-- magnificent longhorns ,no traffic, clean air and beautiful sunsets!

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