Elah Valley Longhorns

Fred & Cheryl Bryant
Rodgerville, MO


"Someone once told me, 'lots of new breeders buy great cows, but do nothing with them'. With Bear that is a mistake we will not make! We are excited to have Bear as our primary advisor in building the best herd possible. With his expertise in all areas of the industry, and his honest and ethical encouragement we are pretty excited to be working with him." -Fred and Cheryl Bryant 

The Bryant's live in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri...lots of cattle, but not so many longhorns! Fred grew up in the registered cattle industry and upon his retirement from corporate life, and my retirement from teaching school, we knew we wanted to come back to southwest Missouri and raise cattle. Fred had a good deal of experience from a career in animal nutrition with Purina Mills, and later an international company producing animal feed, so we felt “cattle” would be a good fit. When we lived in Texas during our “corporate gypsy” years we loved to see the longhorns in the area leisurely grazing their pastures so it seemed a good place to start our research checking out these critters. We purchased some starter heifers from Mike Bowman out of various herd sires, and then we were blessed to be able to purchase some foundation cows from Lorinda Valentine at Panther Creek.

It is our goal to be constantly improving our longhorn bloodlines as we acquire some exceptional young cows and use our new bull, Tuff’s Titan (Cowboy Tuff Chex X FL Rio Maxine). We look forward to even more exceptional progeny possibilities with AI, ET, and IVF.

We love our longhorns, but perhaps the best part of the business is the incredible “family” of breeders that have become friends who we are thankful to have the opportunity to share life and interests with.

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