Brett Ranch

Brian & Suzanne Brett
Dallas, TX

Hiring Bear was easy! Henry Ford said "I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people". I have been at this only a little while in comparison to Bear, who grew up in this business, and I keep finding myself having multiple questions on important issues of herd direction, pricing animals for buying and selling, marketing, goals, pedigrees, pairings, bouncing ideas, what to sell and what not to sell. All important topics that Bear can help make sense of. He saves me time, money and peace of mind. I have Longhorns on the brain 24 hours a day and come to find out Bear does too! A very easy decision.

I grew up in Texas and always had access to ranches, hunting and the outdoors as a child. It left a permanent desire in me and I always had the goal of acquiring my own place and reached that goal in 1998 with our purchase in Brownwood, Texas. Did I mention that is with the loving support of my wife, Suzanne? She grew up in New Jersey with little exposure to all the things I have exposed her to and has been a great sport at allowing me to chase some dreams of my own. She has become my accomplice and enjoys being at the ranch with our children and the longhorns. It has become a family endeavor.

We started with Longhorns in 2009, originally to help graze the property to aid in the deer hunting operation that we have. 3 cows became 80 in no time at all and I was and remain totally obsessed with the breed. We have concentrated on the genetics of WS Jamakizm and his progeny. We timed that right as he has become the leader in producing over 85" TTT females in the breed. In addition to horn, WS Jamakizm throws great colors, conformation and temperament. All the things important to us.

We have continued to acquire a strong foundation of leading cows as outcrosses to compliment the genetic line we have. We are striving for consistent and predictable outcomes. We have had tremendous success with several cows, Helm Laura's Light Mocha, Helm Laura's Mercy and Awesome Nova to name a few.

We have been aided by many mentors, friends and partners. Tessa Millsap and her family have been a significant force in helping me build, work and maintain my herd. Also my good friend and partner, John Marshall, who helps keep it fun and interesting.

Longhorns are an eternal search to create something bigger, better and more beautiful. Our goal is to add to the industry in leaving it better than we found it. I look forward to partnering with Bear to see what we can do! 

Brett Ranch's Bulls