3P Longhorns

Don & Rhonda Poe
Whitewright, TX


“We decided to work with East Wind Consulting this year to utilize Bear Davidson’s expertise in marketing, his wide range of networking, and especially assisting us with building a strong foundation female presence in our herd. Bear is known and respected in the Longhorn Industry for his professionalism, integrity, eye for great cattle, and his role as Ranch Manager for G&G Longhorns, which is recognized as one of the most successful cattle operations in the industry today. We are super excited to work with Bear and can’t wait to see how he leads us down the road to success!”- Rhonda Poe

Don and I shared a dream to live in the country and own a working cattle ranch since we were married. We were both raised in big cities but had family that ran small farming and cattle operations. Don has worked in Telecommunications for 25 years, and I am a 19 year veterinary professional. Both of us working full time jobs, we knew we had to start small.

In 1999, we purchased our land located in Whitewright, Texas approximately 55 miles NE of Dallas. We started a small herd of registered and commercial Angus cattle. I, having spent some years as a barrel racer and team roper, had a love for Quarter horses and began breeding cutting and reigning horses as a hobby. I also developed a love for Great Danes and began breeding them in 2007. This evolved into a full time kennel operation, doing business as N2Spots Great Danes, which is still in business today. 

Many of our family and friends have often asked us…. Why Registered Texas Longhorns?
After visiting a neighboring longhorn ranch one day, we became so enchanted by their elegance and beauty, we decided to sell our Angus herd and our horses to invest in these wonderful cattle. So in 2007, we purchased our first Registered Texas Longhorn cattle, and began doing business as, 3P LONGHORN RANCH. It was a rough start and we made MANY mistakes. We’ve started over many times trying to succeed in this unique market. 

After a lot of hard work, and with the help of many great people in this industry, we are finally building a small herd of elite females. Our goal is our motto “To Build our Foundation to Move the Breed Forward”. To accomplish this we made rapid advancements through embryo transfer and artificial insemination using the industry’s top bulls. We worked with some outstanding females, including our partnership cow BL CATCHIT, mother of the longest horned cow in this breed today, BL RIO CATCHIT. We were able to produce full genetic sisters to this amazing cow. Bob Loomis, breeder of both BL Catchit cows has said many times, this cow family is one of the best producing cow families in the industry. Producing Cowboy Tuff Chex, longest horned bull in the industry today is a great example. We couldn’t agree more so we will continue to build from these genetics, along with other carefully selected great cow families.

To help the cattle operation become more profitable, Don and I also decided to start a beef business. In 2015, we developed Poe Folks Farms, LLC, and Poe Folks Lean Beef. Our products are 100% Registered Texas Longhorn, grass fed, no added hormones, no antibiotics, including lean ground beef, roast beef, steaks, sausages, beef jerky, and beef snack sticks. Our first farmers’ market season was successful and we hope to continue in 2016. 

We are excited about our future, and plan to keep striving for quality in our herd. Raising this breed of cattle is very time consuming and lots of hard work. However, we can’t imagine our lives without these cattle, along with all the amazing longhorn folks we have met over the years. We have an extended Longhorn family now, and we hope to continue to make many more relationships down the road. Come visit us sometime, we would love to show you our herd and talk Longhorns!

3P Longhorns' Bulls

3P Longhorns bulls