Circle Double C Ranch

Chris & Christina Clark
Corpus Christi, TX

"I live by the Benjamin Franklin saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. When planning out what to do with my herd: who to sell, who to keep, who to breed to who, etc…. I always had these questions going through my head. When I heard Bear was doing consulting, I immediately thought he was the right fit for our ranch and helping with these questions. He has done a great job putting all my animals in a spreadsheet and showing their costs which is a very helpful tool in making decision on each animal. Christina and I’s biggest selling point on Bear is that he includes our son, Strait. Strait loves the cattle and he likes being involved with them already at 5 years old. He really has enjoyed bidding on cattle with Bear and you can see the smile on his face that it means the world to him. Thanks Bear."

Chris and Christina Clark live in Corpus Christi, Texas, with their two beautiful children, Strait and Savannah. Chris, being a University of Texas graduate, had always wanted to own Longhorns. This dream became reality in 2009, when a fellow neighbor had some for sale. Since then, Circle Double C Ranch has owned many great bulls beginning with; JM Sue, RR Red Grande, SDR Spartacus, CDC Startex, Hubbells Rio 007 and the late, great JP Rio Grande. Safari Tuff Chex, owned in partnership with Loomis ranch is now the Senior herd sire with the first set of calves looking amazing. In 2013, Chris and Christina met the great Bob Loomis through mutual friends. Now, with Bob as a mentor, they believe their herd is on the way to the top! When the family of Circle Double C Ranch is not admiring the herd, they are running things at Clark Pipeline Services. Clark Pipeline Services, is one of the largest civil and energy pipeline companies in South Texas. Chris and Christina are also avid hunters traveling the world together. The Clark's are lifetime members of the TLBAA & ITLA, Founding Members of the TLMA and Patron Members of the TLCA. With the help of Bear and Bob together, the future looks bright!