Longhorn Ventures

Mike & Linda Metcalfe
Boone, CO


We observed Bear Davidson being very active at the longhorn sales we attended. He always seemed to be heavily involved in the majority of longhorn activities. We learned that he and his father had been in this longhorn business for many years. Consequently, when we wanted a little help learning about the most popular and sellable pedigrees his name was the first to pop up. Bear has been a tremendous help guiding us on the culling process. We have a lot of respect for him, his marketing abilities and his knowledge of popular pedigrees. Because of his experience we hold his opinion in high esteem. We are very happy to be working with him. I wish we had started sooner.

Mike and I both came from families that owned a few commercial cows and a few head of quarter horses. When we got married, we owned an old pickup, a two horse trailer, two horses and a dog. In the first year we were married, GOD blessed us with a set of twins (a boy and girl) and later another baby girl. I was a stay at home mom with three children under three years old and Mike stayed busy working on a feedlot, checking cattle, feeding and doctoring cattle. Eventually we both got a degree from a local University and scrapped enough money together to purchase an older used semi and trailer. After working at the feedlot all day Mike would use his semi to haul manure from the feedlot in the evenings. 

GOD blessed us again as this one man one truck business eventually turned into a trucking company "MET INC" that delivered a variety of building supplies. Mike trucked full time and I taught school while our children were in school. After ten years I took my retirement in a lump sum and we purchased more trucking equipment and I became a truck dispatcher. GOD blessed us with so many loads that we added a trucking brokerage "MET LLC" to cover the excess. 

Our children talked us into retiring so now our son and his wife run the MET INC trucking and our youngest daughter runs the brokerage MET LLC. The twin sister did her own thing and became a doctor. However, Mike is not one to sit at home so he purchased LONGHORNS. GOD continues to bless us in this endeavor and we are looking forward to what GOD has planned to do with these beautiful cattle. 
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