Craft Ranch

Les, Lisa & Lane Craft
Houston, TX

"There are so many positive things to say about Bear. Bear is someone that truly cares and wants you to succeed. He has shown us how to build a herd that we are truly proud of. He consistently provides great advice and helps you understand how to meet your expectations. Whenever there is a doubt in your mind Bear is the person to call. We are very appreciative for someone like him. We all need a Bear in our lives."

Many people do not know but my father and I had longhorns from many years ago. We started with a few steers, four heifers and a bull. Growing up they were something that always brought me joy. I could not get enough of them. When they were roaming the entire ranch I would not stop looking for them. Back in 2009, my father received a catalog for the Hudson Valentine Sale but little did I know he was going to purchase a small herd. From there on we cleared out the older herd and started fresh. It was a whole new ball game for us. We wanted to breed some of the biggest longhorn cows you could find. It became an addiction. My father has always wanted to breed big whitetail deer and this is the philosophy we have taken over into longhorns. The greatest thing I owe to these animals is the relationship it has given my father and I. Many people think we are brothers, which he takes as a high compliment and I have to check myself in the mirror every now and then to see how much older I am getting. But joking aside, these animals have given us something so special that no one could take it away from us. Truly blessed that God has put these animals on the earth for us to enjoy.

Les is the President and CEO of Admiral Glass Company. AGC is a premier high performance contract glazing company specializing in building enclosures. Lane is a landman for a brokerage in Houston, Texas.
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