McEntire Farms

Jeremmy & Lindsey McEntire
Millsap, TX


"Being business owners for many years, we’ve learned that you need to know the people of the industry you are in, not just the companies, or the brands, there is so much more to learn.  It takes time, it takes effort it takes patience.  Every sale that we attended when getting started in a new industry, there was always this one guy there.  Always a smile on his face, familiar greeting (distinctive voice) and he carried himself with a passion.  A true passion for this industry, not just the animals, not just the businesses, but a wealth of knowledge and respect.  That man, is Bear Davidson and we quickly spent our time and efforts to get to know him. 

In just one year, Bear has learned our focus for our herd, what our goals are and that we are not here to just raise longhorns and cruise through it.  We are in this industry to have fun with it, let our kids learn and explore the possibilities right alongside of us.  Bear Davidson jumped all the way in and has supported us, our crazy ideas and continues to open our eyes to this industry even more. 

These next few years are going to be a whirlwind of fun, hopes and dreams.  And we are proud to have Bear along for the ride."

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